В центре блока гидравлических коллекторов на заказ Zhuo Yi

Let me take you inside the Custom Hydraulic Manifolds Block Center today to see what’s inside.

A couple of photos of the finished product first

индивидуальные гидравлические коллекторы индивидуальные гидравлические коллекторы

As you can see from the finished product, we designed the valve block well, making it aesthetically pleasing in its squareness.

What about the inside? The biggest concern for valve block customers these days is burrs.

индивидуальные гидравлические коллекторы индивидуальные гидравлические коллекторы

ZhuoYi combines machine and manual polishing to ensure the smoothness of the valve block.


Why ZhuoYi is more reliable?

Technology: Our hydraulic engineers have more than 8 years of experience in designing valve manifolds. They select the most suitable matching hydraulic valves to realize their functions according to the hydraulic principle. They design the valve block to have a reasonable layout, compact structure, and beautiful appearance.

Equipment: We use international first-class brand machining centers for our processing equipment.Our professionals customize molding tools to make the jacks and oil ports of the valve block. This ensures the processing efficiency of the valve block. It also ensures the precision of the valve block.

Surface treatment: Our steel material mainly adopts high phosphorus nickel plating, which greatly increases the rustproof performance of the valve block.

The company is equipped with a salt spray testing machine, each batch of valve blocks are tested with 90 hours of salt spray test.

Detailed treatment: We use man-machine combination to clean and deburr the valve block.

The company has professional deburring tools and experienced staff to remove all the larger burrs and flanges by hand grinding. Another ultrasonic cleaning machine to thoroughly clean the valve block, through the high-frequency vibration of the cleaning fluid will clean the oil and magazines in the internal flow path of the valve block, the deeper holes, through the endoscope to check it, to ensure that the valve block is completely free of burrs and impurities.

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