Hydraulic Power Units

Working Principle

The working principle of the hydraulic power unit is to convert the mechanical energy of the motor into hydraulic energy through the hydraulic pump. Hydraulic pump from the tank to extract hydraulic oil, pressurized through the pipeline to the implementation of elements (such as hydraulic cylinders or hydraulic motors), the implementation of elements in the role of hydraulic oil to complete the corresponding mechanical action. Hydraulic oil to complete the work back to the tank, recycling.

A hydraulic power unit usually consists of the following parts:

Reservoir: Stores the hydraulic fluid and helps dissipate heat and precipitate contaminants.
Hydraulic Pump: Converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy, generating hydraulic fluid flow and pressure.
Electric Motor: drives the hydraulic pump, usually an electric motor, but in some cases it can also be an internal combustion engine.
Valve Assembly: Includes a variety of control valves that regulate flow, direction and pressure.
Filters: Remove impurities from hydraulic fluid to protect system components.
Coolers: Used to control the temperature of the hydraulic fluid to avoid overheating.
Pressure Gauges: Displays system pressure for easy monitoring and adjustment.

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