3 момента, которые необходимо учитывать при проектировании коллектора гидравлического цилиндра

Hydraulic cylinder manifold is a kind of hydraulic component that operates and controls the hydraulic fluid in various ways. Usually used in conjunction with solenoid valves more, in order to facilitate the realization of automatic control, applied to remote control of hydroelectric power plants, oil, gas, water pipeline on and off. We generally divide hydraulic cylinder manifolds into flow control valves, pressure control valves, directional control valves, and so on. To realize the composite function or role of the load, use more than one valve to cooperate and complete the corresponding control. Use hydraulic valve manifolds for the connection between hydraulic valves.The use of valve blocks to facilitate the realization of hydraulic design modularity and standardization, while greatly improving the convenience and flexibility of the design. In addition, the hydraulic cylinder manifold makes the hydraulic system more integrated and compact, reducing costs.

hydraulic cylinder manifolds

In the design of the valve block design need to consider the following 3 points:


In designing the hydraulic cylinder manifold, consider the need to adjust parts during operation and ensure the convenience of observation. Position adjustable parts such as speed control valves and relief valves in locations conducive to operation.


in the design of hydraulic cylinder manifold, the oil circuit should be simple, reduce process holes, deep holes, etc.; hole diameter and flow should be consistent, but also pay attention to the through-hole of the adequate circulation area, inlet and outlet of the direction and location of the overall arrangement and pipeline connection, in addition to considering the actual installation process. Complete the installation of components with special requirements, such as vertical or horizontal installation, to meet their specifications.


Install components and key parts that require frequent maintenance above or outside the valve block for easy disassembly. The design of the manifold should provide a sufficient number of pressure measurement points for the commissioning of the manifold. If the valve block weighs more than thirty kilograms, you should set up screw holes for lifting.

In designing the hydraulic system in the hydraulic cylinder manifold, attention should be given to many other components.

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