¿Qué se puede poner en los colectores hidráulicos personalizados?

What is integrated into custom hydraulic manifolds?

Custom hydraulic manifolds are not just a simple hexahedron as we think; it actually integrates a valve block body, hydraulic valves, auxiliary components, and more into a highly complex assembly.

  • There are many types of valve block body, mainly cover plate, plywood, pump integration block, valve mounting base plate, logic valve block, stacked valve block, special valve block, collector drain and connecting block, bar block;
  • Hydraulic valves mainly include plate valves, threaded cartridge valves, two-way cartridge valves, and stacked valves;
  • Auxiliary components, on the other hand, include pipe fittings, connecting flanges, process port plugs, and oil line seals;

Types of Valve Block Bodies in Custom Hydraulic Manifolds

As mentioned above, there may be more than a dozen types of valve block body in large and small sizes, we only pick a few of the most common to see here.

1、Pump integration blocks in custom hydraulic manifolds

2、Valve mounting base plate (matching on the sample)

3、Logic valve block

The valve block body mounts almost all hydraulic components as cartridge valves, so we call this valve block body a logic valve block.

4, stacked valve block

The valve block body installs almost all hydraulic components as stacked valves, so we call this valve block body a stacked valve block.

5、Specialized valve block

Manufacturers typically design a specialized valve block specifically for a particular function, such as a servo valve with a flushing valve block. This specialized block serves the sole purpose of flushing in servo valves.

What valves are integrated into a custom hydraulic manifolds?

The design process of a hydraulic integrated valve block is different depending on the type of hydraulic valve selected. Here we look at the different types of hydraulic valves and valve block body connection.

1、 plate valve

For the plate valve, the manufacturer will provide a standard connection plate, of course, you can also design your own block body.

We mainly bolt the plate valve to the connecting plate or self-designed block.

The block body must punch connecting holes that align with the oil holes on the mounting surface of the plate valve, and additionally, it needs to seal them with a gasket.

2、Threaded cartridge valve

We install threaded cartridge valves into valve block spools for oil flow through pre-drilled holes.

Installing threaded cartridge valves involves two types of holes: countersunk holes and processed mounting holes. This ensures effective connection between the spool’s side oil hole and the internal oil hole of the valve block body. High perpendicularity requirements between the threaded cartridge valves and the valve block mounting surface must be met.

3、Superposition valve

We design the stack valve, like the valve block, to simplify piping and reduce issues like vibrations, noise, leaks. Its setup mimics plate valves, bolted to align with oil paths.

4、2-Way Cartridge Valve

A two-way cartridge valve typically comprises three components: an insertion piece, a pilot piece, and a control cover. Its assembly is akin to that of threaded cartridge valves, with the distinction being the mechanism connecting the spool to the valve block. Here, bolts and screws play a crucial role, securing the spool to the block by traversing openings in both the valve’s upper cover and the body of the valve block.

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