Hydraulic control manifold “burrs” still “sting” you?

The hydraulic control manifold generates the “burr” when cutting out of the feed during the drilling process. The shape and size of the burr is related to spindle speed, drilling feed, workpiece material, tool clamping rigidity, coolant, drill geometry and other factors. “Burrs” if not thoroughly cleaned, removed will have an elusive impact on the hydraulic system and the consequences. There are various ways to remove “burrs”, and there is always one for you.

I: Manual method of deburring

Workers manually use files, sandpaper, grinding head and other tools to polish the workpiece to remove the burr process. This method does not require a high level of technical workers, applicable to small burrs, product structure is simple products, is generally used by the general enterprise deburring method. File is divided into manual file and pneumatic file two kinds. The cost of manual filing is more expensive, the deburring efficiency is not very high, and it is difficult to remove the complex cross-holes, and it requires workers to be serious and careful.

II: Burr Removal by Punching Method

The method of deburring is carried out by making a die with a press. Punching method deburring needs rough die and fine punching die, some also need to make shaping mold. It is suitable for products with simple parting surface, and the efficiency and effect of deburring is better than manual method.

Ⅲ: Abrasive flow deburring

Abrasive flow deburring achieves deburring and polishing by actively squeezing soft abrasive through the hydraulic system, allowing it to enter the holes of the hydraulic control manifold and flow out from other outlets to continue grinding.

Ⅳ: Freezing method of deburring

Freezing method of deburring is the use of temperature drop to make the burr quickly embrittled, and then spray polymer projectiles to remove the burr method. Freezing method of deburring is suitable for burr wall thickness is small and the workpiece is also small products, the whole set of equipment is complex, high cost.

Ⅴ: thermal explosion method of deburring

Thermal explosion method of deburring is through the methane combustion releases energy to burn the burr into metal oxide powder to remove the burr method. This method requires expensive equipment, and the requirements of the operating technology is also very high. Deburring efficiency is low, but also cause rust, deformation and other side effects. Hot blast deburring is mainly used in the field of high-precision parts, such as automotive, aerospace, and other precision parts.

Ⅵ: engraving machine method of deburring

Remove burrs on the workpiece with the engraving machine method, the cost of this set of equipment is moderate, suitable for removing the space structure is simple, the location is simple and regular workpiece burrs.

Ⅶ: chemical deburring

The chemical method of deburring utilizes components and chemical agents based on the principle of chemical reactions, transferring the burrs on the surface of metal parts into ions that dissolve into the solution.It is suitable for those difficult to remove the internal burr, especially suitable for removing the pump body, valve body and other products on the fine burr.

VIII: Electrolytic deburring

Electrolytic deburring method using electrolysis to remove metal parts burr method. This method will cause certain side effects because the electrolytic solution is corrosive, affecting the burrs near the electrolysis area. The surface will lose luster and may even impact dimensional accuracy. Therefore, it is necessary to clean and rust-proof the workpiece after electrolytic deburring.This method is suitable for removing the burrs of cross holes in hidden parts of the parts or parts with complex shapes, with high production efficiency. It is suitable for deburring gears, connecting rods, valve bodies and crankshaft oil line orifices, as well as chamfering sharp corners.

Ⅸ: high-pressure water jet deburring method

High-pressure water jet deburring is the use of water instantaneous impact to remove burrs and flying edges of the method, at the same time can achieve the purpose of cleaning. This set of equipment is more expensive, mainly used in the heart of the car and the hydraulic control system of construction machinery.

Ⅹ: ultrasonic deburring

The ultrasonic method of deburring utilizes ultrasonic propagation. This method generates instantaneous high pressure, enabling effective removal of burrs on the part. It is particularly useful for removing microscopic burrs that are only observable through a microscope due to its high accuracy.

When it comes to cleaning hydraulic control manifold, removing various burrs or spikes is not an easy task. It requires continuous accumulation of experience and the use of multiple methods to achieve success with less effort.

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